Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is there to see?

New Zealand is ‘The world in minature’! Depending on your choice of tour you may experience:

  • incredible scenery
  • volcanic mountains
  • glowworms
  • flora and fauna
  • rugged alpine vistas
  • primeval rainforests
  • rural countryside
  • horticulture and farming
  • remote beaches and rocky headlands
  • beautiful lakes
  • clear rivers, creeks and streams
  • country towns and villages
  • art & craft stores and galleries

2. How do we travel?

Usually we have only up to six guests on each tour. Kiwi Dundee Adventures own two deluxe Volkswagon Caravelle mini coaches and a deluxe toyota mini coach For larger private group tours we hire a deluxe coach

3. Generally, what age group are your tour guests?

We cater for all ages and varying levels of fitness. Because we have two other available guides we can ‘personalise’ our walks and tours.

  • Hiking for those that want a challenge
  • Touring and walks for those who enjoy gentle walking
  • Touring for non walkers
  • Private tours and walks for families
  • Customised group tours
  • Private tours for special needs visitors

4. How is Kiwi Dundee Adventures tour different to a coach tour?

The tours offered by Kiwi Dundee Adventures are best described as “personally guided small group tours” (for groups of up to 6 guests) and “exclusive private tours” (for a couple or small group travelling together). The personalisation means you get a variety of extras not possible on a coach tour. For example, you get to stop at any stage for scenic sights or photographs or where we stop for lunch etc. The wilderness aspect means you get to go places that coaches do not visit and along roads that don’t accept heavy vehicles. Our guides converse with you rather than talk at you and will answer all your questions and explain in as much detail or as little as you would like.

5. How much driving is there?

On our extended tours, the actual “driving” time is normally restricted to no more than 45 minutes or so, and stops are made to take photographs or take a short walk. The idea is not to travel all day but to allow time to explore locations along the way. Generally, there is usually only 3-4 hours driving on the “travelling” days. As a comparison a coach tour will generally travel 5-8 hours per day with strictly regulated time at each stop.

6. How much walking is there?

As a general rule, “travelling” days include a range of short walks of up to 45 minutes.While staying at various locations we allow for longer walks and hikes of around 4 hours. If you are not much of a walker, then the tour can be varied accordingly. With our exclusive private tours and tailor made tours, walks and activities can be included to suit the guest’s own personal wishes.

7. Where will we be staying?

We have selected a variety of accommodations to suit our visitors from luxury Hotels, deluxe homestays or Motor Lodges, depending on our visitors requirements. All have been chosen for their location, professional and friendly service.

8. Do we pay for our own food?

Normally, most meals are included in the price you’ve paid for the overall trip.We do however leave some nights free for you to choose, as some enjoy a full menu , but others find after their delightful lunch they only want an evening snack. We offer a total service package so that there’s little you have to worry about. The trip itineraries show what meals and snacks are included in your tour package.


We allow plenty of opportunities!

10. Will there be other people on tour?

Kiwi Dundee Adventures tours are designed for small groups of up to six guests, so yes, there may very well be others on these trips. Private tours will be just the guests who book the trip exclusively. Tailor made trips are also offered on an exclusive private basis. Please note that we can also guide groups larger than six, particularly large family groups or special interest groups.

11. Will you pick us up?

Day tours and walks we pick up from Pauanui, Tairua and Whangamata in the Coromandel Peninsula. For those staying elsewhere, we meet at Prescott’s garage on highway 25 at Pauanui turnoffat the Pauanui turnoff. Extended tours we pick up from Auckland, Rotorua, or Taupo.

12. What do you suggest we take with us on our tour?

As we include guided walks on our tours, it is advisable to bring along sturdy walking shoes or boots, and because the weather can produce “4 seasons in one day”, we suggest that you bring along a wind proof jacket and clothes suitable for cooler weather. On the longer tours, it is advisable to bring along a rain-proof jacket as we usually include a rainforest walk. Our tour vehicles carry sunscreen and insect repellent for our guests to use, and we also carry “slicker” coats.

  • Warm jacket for possible cool mountain weather (preferably rain proof)
  • Personal items
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Good walking shoes
  • Camera and film
  • Binoculars although our vehicles generally carry them
  • Notebook or diary

13. What clothes should we wear?

For a start, forget the formal clothes, as New Zealand is a very relaxed and generally informal destination.. Neat and casual clothes that are comfortable are more than suitable. Preferably do not wear white clothes as we will be out in the bush where it can be muddy. Open collared shirts for men are a good idea as some of the locations where we could stop for evening meals have what we call a neat-casual dress standard. Comfortable shoes for walking. For hikers, solid hiking boots are generally excessive however light weight hiking boots are good. Bring a jacket always – mountain weather can change rapidly even in midsummer. A hat is also suggested as the sun can be intense here in New Zealand.